as of recently with the popularity of presets in the influencer space, there are bloggers who prefer a photographer to shoot on the blogger’s own memory card so that they can have all the files and edit the images with their own presets. please note, you absolutely must have your own software to edit these files. this is only recommended for individuals who want complete control and understand that they will be the ones to import, store, cull, edit, etc. this is only recommended for bloggers and influencers who have lightroom or photoshop on a computer and have previous experience.

I shoot on a Sony a7ii, so the files are .RAW.

you must provide your own SD card, and the card must be a minimum of 64GB in size to accommodate the files.

 my rate for this package is hourly, and is $150 per hour. the locations available for this package are within 15 miles from the City of Portland and do not include a travel fee.

if you would like services outside of this location, a travel fee will apply and vary depending on location. Lastly, I am providing my photography services to you the day of, but i am not providing editing and post-production services or tutorials after we end our session. This package is only recommended to those who have the appropriate software and have experience in editing their images. 


The following are my most frequently requested price guides.